Inspiration. From a place, a moment, a word, a whisper and the pieces fall together to create a song Steven Eli had no idea

would come. On a plane, a train or in a feverish, hushed passion in the night, Eli reaches for his notebook and begins to write.

What he writes in that moment is a mystery and an exploration of a free-flow state of mind. He is inspired and another

piece is complete. ‘I never sit down to write about something specific. I feel the moment and the song becomes of that emotion’.

Eli is constantly searching for this inspiration in his day to day life and his passion and curiosity often lead him down wild,

wandering and wonderful paths of discovery. ‘There is a story in everything. From an empty coffee cup to a broken heart’.

The moody, lush sounds of Eli’s debut EP, titled ‘Hope’ with an indie-pop style were written

and recorded in solitude between his home away from home in the Swiss countryside

and with his band in an eloquent, instrument filled studio on the outskirts of Berlin.

The sonic embellishment discovered with his bandmates and producer Rainer Oleak intertwined

Eli’s visceral vision between a song and a melody and atmospheric musicality into an organic record.

The result is a spacious, musical world unto itself populated with ornate flourishes of electric and

acoustic guitar alongside a wide range of instruments of all shapes and sizes.

Eli believes in ‘serving the songs’ and with his powerful voice and tonality he delivers.

Growing up singing and playing in Ireland, he has honed his craft over hours of performance.

He first set his sights on the streets of Dublin and soon found himself playing in bars,

clubs and at festivals all over the world.

With so many songs written and recorded and a notebook always by his side, this is just the beginning for Steven Eli.